All business owners should consider offering their customers and staff a free Wifi connection. Guest Wifi usually uses a different SSID from the network your corporate network runs on, which helps to restrict what guest users can access. This is to maintain the security of your network. It isolates your main network away from your guests to protect you from any malicious or fraudulent activity.


Beyond improving your relationship with staff and customers, guest Wifi improves your network security. By setting up your network this way, you will have control over who has access to your company’s network of computers, servers, storage and printers. This is an important factor since the more sophisticated viruses and malware today can use any portable or mobile device to attack your network.



Customers love the idea of getting something for free. Offering up free Wifi could be the deciding factor in their decision in choosing you over the competition.


Guest Wifi helps to build customer relations. No matter how much customers prepare, there may be times when your customer needs to connect back to their network to get additional documents or data. A guest Wifi connection on your premise allows them to do this securely and quickly, and they will remember this fondly.

Guest Wifi helps to keep customers and staff personal devices off your corporate network if they need to work while on site.

Guest Wifi helps to keep customers and staff personal devices off your corporate network if they need to work while on site Policies can be applied to the guest network to restrict the bandwidth allocated to each connection. This can be used by both staff and customers. With guest Wifi, you can prevent staff from crippling the corporate network when they unintentionally upload a months worth of holiday photos into Dropbox from their phone.

Acceptable use policies can be required to be accepted to minimise corporate liability if the guest user connects to some questionable content.


Always remember that the connection should be isolated from your main network, and at the same time, be easy to access. If you have staff or customers who bring their devices into your business, most of the time they expect that they can access the web.

Though security plays an important role in your network, how easily you connect to a Wifi network is also crucial to the success of the guest Wifi. You should either password protect your guest Wifi or use a guest Wifi captive portal that manages the connection.