WHAT WE DO - training

Ensure your team is aware and accountable with Myrtec Training  

At an organisational level, your business is likely protected with enterprise-grade anti-virus and a good MSP. However, it’s often employees who are the weakest link in the cyber chain.   


In fact, 80% of all cyber breaches are caused by an employee unintentionally allowing a breach. That’s why it is critical to provide regular training to all employees so are aware of cyber threats and accountable for their actions.  


Myrtec offers Cyber Security Fundamentals Training from our head office in Newcastle, NSW. The training sessions are run in intimate groups once per month. It is designed for employees to attend. Each session is valid for 1 CPD point, and we can provide a certificate of completion upon request. 

Image: The Myrtec team 2023

Cyber Security Fundamentals Training Module One:

Understanding Cybersecurity Fundamentals: Develop a solid understanding of basic concepts, principles, and terminology related to cybersecurity.

Identifying Common Cyber Threats: Learn to recognize and classify common cyber threats, such as malware, phishing, social engineering, and denial-of-service attacks.

Ways to Protect Your Information: Learn how to strengthen your accounts to protect it from getting breached or hacked.

Reporting Fishy Activities: Build awareness of the different activities being done now to get your and the company’s information.

What you’ll get: 

An intimate 2hour training session facilitated by Myrtec staff;  

Opportunity for Q&A;

Exclusive access to Myrtec Learn to revisit training materials for one month post training session;

Light refreshments. 


Participating in a Myrtec training session costs $ 100.00 AUD per person, excluding GST. Once you complete the booking form, an invoice will be generated within 14 days. The price includes the training session and light refreshments. 

Training at your office  

If you would like Myrtec to facilitate a training session at your office for your team, please let us know by contacting us here, or sending an email to hi@myrt.ec and we will be in touch with further details.