What is cloud computing? Where is the cloud located? These are the first two questions that come to our mind when we first hear the phrase ‘Cloud Computing.’ To answer these questions ‘Cloud Computing’ means saving, storing and accessing data over the internet rather than your computer’s hard drive. The word cloud is used as metaphor for the internet, which means stored data or programs can be accessed anytime, anywhere through the internet, and/or can be synchronized with other important information through the internet.


How Businesses Can Benefit from Cloud Computing

For businesses, this means using web hosted remote network servers to keep important business files and information, manage data and software programs, rather than keeping everything on a computer or local server.


Here at Myrtec, we provide first-class cloud products and services to help your business in all areas; from reducing IT costs to improving accessibility, from scalability to control of sensitive data, security and disaster recovery, up to better flexibility and overall business productivity. We partner with the best hardware and software vendors to ensure the top-of-the-line technology for our end-user.


Hosted Desktop

Myrtec ensures the storage, security, backup, maintenance and upgrades for all your business information in its hosted desktops. This helps cut your operational and IT costs, and save you from hardware and support costs.


You and your staff can access your virtual desktop anytime, anywhere, on any device and get efficient communication and collaboration between users, better use of resources with significantly less operational issues.


Because data is processed in the cloud rather than on your local desktops, it eliminated the need for replacing legacy equipment, which leads to a fraction of a cost than traditional desktop.


Design and Migration

Cloud computing gives you all the luxury and opportunity to do things efficiently faster. But to be able to take advantage of this technology’s full capacity, you need the help of the professionals to provide you with a better system. Myrtec is composed of industry experts who will help your business in designing a system for your in-house applications and test and development applications to the cloud.


This is best for businesses with poor internal infrastructure, limited network capacity, or where higher availability is a must.


This is also for businesses that need to eliminate the need for server replacement which can have a capital cost of between $10k and $40k per server.


Regardless of where your business stands in cloud integration and adoption process, you can depend on our Myrtec’s expertise in software and cloud delivery to get the best guidance and assistance for architecture and development teams, and security.


We have partnered with Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Google Computer Engine to help you develop, organize, use, redo you applications without worrying about system administration. We will help you manage your application, database and storage servers, mix and match services, and provide the support you need, so you can focus on running your business.