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Why is Flex so affordable? What doesn’t my provider want me to know?


If you’ve heard of Myrtec, then you’ve probably heard of our Flex Agreements. 


After reading through a Flex Proposal, or using our Flex Savings Estimator, people will often ask us, “but how can you provide the same service as my current provider for so much cheaper?”


And well, it’s a great question! Because we promise cost not quality savings- no sacrifices. 

What your current provider doesn’t want you to know is that a lot of the software that you use is not managed by them, but by a Cloud Service Provider. 

What does this mean?

It means that your software, take Office 365 for example, is managed directly by Microsoft, so your provider doesn’t actually have to do anything to manage this service. This typically reduces your need for support time by 50%.


Your IT provider is likely still listing the management of these services as an inclusion in your Managed Service Agreement.


But as we said, there actually isn’t much involved in managing these services anymore, so it’s merely a tactic to make expensive fixed fees look worth it (even though they definitely aren’t!).


If they’re doing this, they’re probably also bundling together multiple other products and services together so they can hide fees and charges for even more services that don’t exist.

How does the Myrtec FLEX Agreement do things differently?

On FLEX, you are only billed for the support time you consume directly from us. We still offer assistance will all of your software, but will only ever invoice you for the support time you actually consume.

How do we do this?

We install our Myrtec Agent on every device listed under your managed service agreement. When you consent, we can log in to your device remotely and provide assistance. Our Myrtec Agent is also what allows us to provide monitoring and maintenance.


Our customers pay the one low cost for the Myrtec Agent per month, and then for any additional support that is consumed. If you don’t need any support that month, you don’t pay for it. And if you use a lot, it’s discounted by volume.

When it comes to billing, we provide monthly reports with granular detail (itemised billing) for all services provided so you know exactly what you’re paying for. No fixed fees, just complete visibility.