Marketing and Communications Coordinator


Skye is inspired to work and think globally, which she says allows her to connect to diverse audiences and attract them to the Myrtec brand. She is responsible for identifying new opportunities, transforming them into buyable concepts and executing them across a variety of communication channels.

Skye is always exploring new creative strategies that will drive consistent and relevant traffic into our network. She loves seeing campaigns through from end-to-end, ensuring that everything we do is on-brand. She finds it rewarding to watch these campaigns transform from an initial concept into a technical solution that ensures Myrtec customers are engaged and successful.


I've been to Asia more than 10 times!

When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a House Maid - like Darota from Gossip Girl.

What's your go to coffee order?

I don't drink coffee! I'll take an Iced Chai on Oat please.

You have a late-night talk show, who's your first guest?

Kim Kardashian! We're actually friends.