Service Desk Engineer

Lauren Stamford


When Lauren was still in school, she devoted a lot of time to teaching her grandparents how to use their computer. When it broke, she found a new hobby in pulling it apart, finding the problem, fixing it, and putting the computer back together.

Lauren’s passion for technology and helping others led her to university, where she studied for a Bachelor of Information Technology, Majoring in Interactive Media. Now, a recent graduate, Lauren joins us ready to roll up her sleeves and hit the ground running!

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    I am learning how to grow my own fruit. I love avocados and currently have about half a dozen of my own avocado plants. It will take roughly 10 years for them to fruit.

    When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?

    I am a huge animal lover, so I naturally always wanted to be a vet.

    What's your go to coffee order?

    May I please have a caramel latte on skim?

    You have a late-night talk show, who's your first guest?

    My first guest would have to be my Nanna! She loves it when I tell her all about what I get up to over the weekends, and I love chatting with her.

    Name 3 things that you enjoy outside of work:

    Outside of work, I enjoy going to the gym, playing video games and catching up with my friends.