facilitating business growth for hunter owned sme's


GKP Electrical has been operating throughout the Hunter since 2015. Founder Garry Peters launched his business in celebration of his Aboriginal heritage and commitment to quality workmanship. GKP contacted Myrtec when they needed assistance with a consolidation project to facilitate company growth. They had company information stored across multiple different solutions, such as Microsoft and Google, and they needed this data to be merged to simplify their internal administrative processes. Their existing disparate systems weren’t scalable to the size of their organisation nor could they accommodate for GKP’s growth plans.

To combat these issues, Myrtec proposed the introduction of Azure Active Directory, Exchange Online and SharePoint through Microsoft 365. First, Myrtec deployed Azure Active Directory with GKP so that they were able to assign separate access permissions to each user, allowing GKP’s data and devices to be thoroughly secured. Then, Myrtec switched GKP’s emails to being hosted in Microsoft Exchange Online, meaning that all of their staff could have individual mail accounts without any capacity limits. Next, Myrtec completed a SharePoint migration so that all of GKP’s data is organised; with separate permissions for each user and is accessible remotely. Finally, Myrtec provided the GKP team with a training session to ensure that all of their staff were totally across their new, centralised, user-friendly interface and confident in using it.  Since GKP started working with Myrtec 12 months ago, Myrtec’s technical solutions have helped them facilitate their business doubling in size.

“It is now simple to bring people in and out of GKP securely. We have the technical infrastructure in place that was designed to facilitate company growth and improve our internal communications.”

Garry Peters



Additional benefits of working with Myrtec are that they are no longer waste time searching for data, and they no longer have capacity limits on their mailboxes. They have complete visibility across all of their devices, data and security.  Following the conclusion of this project, GKP Electrical came on board as a Myrtec FLEX Managed IT client because of how much they enjoyed the experience of working with the Myrtec team.