What is Microsoft SharePoint and How to Use It Effectively?

Microsoft SharePoint helps organisations to manage their storage better using the cloud. In SharePoint, you can store all types of content, such as documents, images and videos, in one central location for members from the same organisation to share securely and with ease. Keep reading because this guide will delve further into how to use SharePoint effectively. 


What is Microsoft SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is a cloud-based platform for organisations to store and share content. It can be highly secure, and it has efficient way for teams to collaborate on documents by keeping track of changes, viewing analytics and insights, and accessing the latest version of files from any device. You can also use SharePoint to create websites and portals or external customers or partners.


Data on SharePoint is stored in the cloud where it is automatically backed up. With the right security configurations in place, it’s also safe from malicious attacks or threats. Microsoft SharePoint also has a library of site templates that allow companies to easily create integrative web pages without spending additional funds on external design tools.


Some of the benefits of using Microsoft SharePoint include:


  • Increased productivity and collaboration 
  • Better access to information and resources 
  • Ability to add Users to specific folders
  • Reduced costs and improved ROI (return on investment) 
  • Streamlined business processes

How to Use Microsoft SharePoint?

Setting up and using Microsoft SharePoint can be a complex process, and we recommend having a consultation with an IT expert to ensure security is at the forefront. If you do opt to set it up yourself, the platform offers a range of tools and features that can help you get started quickly.  


Here are some steps to help you get started with Microsoft SharePoint:

Setting up Microsoft SharePoint

Before you can use Microsoft SharePoint, you need to install the software and set up a site. You’ll need to meet certain system requirements and have the necessary permissions to install and configure the platform. 

Getting started with Microsoft SharePoint

Once you have installed and set up Microsoft SharePoint, you can create a SharePoint site, add users, and set up permissions and access controls. This will allow you to control who can access your site and what they can do. 

Using Microsoft SharePoint

You can use Microsoft SharePoint to upload and share documents, collaborate on documents, create and manage lists and libraries, and automate workflows. SharePoint also offers a range of customisable web parts and templates that can help you create a personalized experience for your users. 

Customising Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint can be customised to meet your organization’s specific needs. You can customize the look and feel of your site, add web parts, and create custom workflows to automate business processes. 

Tips and Tricks for Using Microsoft SharePoint

To get the most out of Microsoft SharePoint, it’s important to follow best practices and use the platform effectively. Here are some tips and tricks to help you use Microsoft SharePoint more efficiently: 

Best practices for using Microsoft SharePoint

  • Increased productivity and collaboration
  • Documents organised into folders
  • Use metadata to tag your documents
  • Use version control to track changes 
  • Follow naming conventions

Tips for working with SharePoint lists and libraries

  • Use version control to track changes views to filter and sort your data
  • Use alerts to stay up-t0-date on changes
  • Use documents sets to group related documents
  • Use content types to enforce metadata

Tips for collaborating with others on SharePoint

  • Use comments and @mentions to collaborate in real-time
  • Use co-authoring to work on documents simultaneously
  • Use the built-in chat feature to communicate with team members
  • Use tasks to assign and track tasks 

Advanced features and capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint

  • Search and content discovery
  • Business intelligence and analytics
  • Integration with other Microsoft products  
  • Custom development using SharePoint Framework

How to Use the SharePoint Security Model for Protection?

If the scope of your content on SharePoint is getting bigger and requires more security, make sure you are using the right measures to keep your data safe. Microsoft offers a powerful security model that lets you set specific rules for who can access which files or libraries.  


You can enable various levels of access for users in different roles so that specific parts of your SharePoint content remain secure. Additionally, you can use an encryption tool like SQL Server Encryption to protect sensitive data stored in databases. 

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Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful collaboration and content management platform that can help organizations of all sizes streamline business processes, enhance productivity and collaboration, and reduce costs. By following best practices and using the platform effectively, you can get the most out of Microsoft SharePoint and achieve your business goals. 

Key Takeaways

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What is Microsoft SharePoint and How to Use It?
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