How to Quickly Find Archived Emails in Gmail?

Are you struggling to maintain an organised inbox? We’ll explain how you can find archived emails quickly and efficiently in Gmail by following the simple steps below. With the email archiving system, Gmail users can clean up their inboxes while maintaining an organised filing system. 

How to Quickly Find Archived Emails in Gmail

Use Search Queries

With the help of search queries, you can easily find archived emails in Gmail. To do this, type in a keyword associated with an archived email into the search bar. When you see the drop-down list appear with all your emails containing that keyword, select the one you are looking for to open it up again. 


Alternatively, you can narrow down which emails are shown in your search results using the advanced search operators and filters [see below].

Make Use of Advanced Search Operators

Finding archived emails in Gmail can be tricky, especially if you do not remember the details of what you are searching for. To make archiving faster, try using some of Gmail’s advanced search operators to narrow down your results. 



These techniques work best when used together with labels and stars since these are tags that you create for each email in Gmail’s archive. Advanced search terms such as “from:name@domain.com” or “has:attachment” will help you find specific messages quickly. 

Scroll Through Messages with Tabs

When you open Gmail, you will have several tabs at the top of your inbox. Selecting different tabs here can help you quickly find archived emails. Depending on which tab you select (e.g All Mail, Sent, Starred), Gmail will display a list of all emails containing that particular tag. For example, if you choose the “All Mail” tab, each email in your archive – including sent messages and deleted emails – will appear in the list. 

Create a Filter for Mail That You Receive Frequently

Setting up an email filter for frequent messages is a great way to keep emails organised. Once you set up the filter, incoming messages that fit your criteria will automatically sort into the chosen folder or label. 


To do this, on any message you have received, select the “More” option from the options menu and choose “Filter messages like these”. From here, you can configure the settings of your filter and what actions should take place when an email with these parameters is received (label it, archiving, deleting etc.). 

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