supporting an rto to secure their intellectual property


Newcastle Rescue and Consultancy Pty Ltd – RTO 41033 has been offering International HighRisk Safety Training since 2011. They also provide a variety of safety services to the Public Sector. Newcastle Rescue and Consultancy was seeking a solution that would allow them to secure their intellectual property, eliminate their limitations surrounding email storage, and most importantly, address the requirement to work in extreme environments such as Papua New Guinea, Laos, and Indonesia. 


Their on-site server did not effectively secure their intellectual property because it did could not limit their employees access down to only the information that they needed to see. It also constrained them by having to be physically in the office to access this information. Limitations on their mailbox capacity meant they had to delete emails to create storage space just so that they could receive new business enquiries and orders.


To combat these issues Myrtec proposed the introduction of Azure Active Directory, Exchange Online and SharePoint through Microsoft 365.


Myrtec deployed Azure Active Directory with Newcastle Rescue and Consultancy so they could assign individual access permissions for each Manager and user, allowing their data and devices to be tightly secured. 


Next, they moved their emails to Microsoft Exchange Online to remove all capacity limits on mailboxes. This means they can respond to all new and existing business without having to delete any existing emails. 


Finally, Myrtec completed a SharePoint migration so that only staff with assigned permission has remote access to the information and data they need to complete their job function. This means that all their data is organised and secure. 

“[Myrtec technology consultants] were very customer focused and professional, their team are extremely easy going, and any questions that we directed to them were answered almost immediately. We have a great relationship with them and would not hesitate to advise Myrtec again to other clients.”

John Owen



Following the configuration of data, Myrtec’s training specialists provided all management and staff with a professional workshop that allowed employees to ask any questions and learn how to effectively use their new, centralised interface. They now have complete visibility across all their devices, data, and security.


Newcastle Rescue and Consultancy says their favourite outcomes from working with Myrtec is the total reassurance from added security, the ability to delegate different security permissions to different management and staff, their improved internal and external communications, and the centralisation of their system into a singular, customisable, and consolidated interface.