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08 Feb 2021

Welcome back to Tech Tuesdays! Where every week we share technology news/ industry updates and new products.

This week we are shouting out to Microsoft 365's Outlook app! It's email and calendar integration makes life easy when you are on the go! You can turn your notifications on to...

01 Feb 2021

It's time for Tech Tuesdays. Where every week we post a short blog about tech industry news, updates and products.

At Myrtec, we love the multi-functional properties of Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite). Whether we're using it for everyday tasks such as email, storage or calendar...

19 Jan 2021

Introducing Tech Tuesdays!

Every week we will be sharing technology services/ industry updates and new devices and explaining which ones we think you should integrate into your businesses structure.

For our first week, we wanted to share what we love about Microsoft 365 Business...

07 Jan 2021

Are you tired of your old software and systems that are lagging? Wishing you could upgrade but unsure where to start or even if your business could handle the downtime?

At Myrtec, we can help you.

We are a specialist provider of Managed IT and Cloud Services with a particular...

10 Sep 2020

Below is a list of best practice changes we recommend that all clients make to their Microsoft 365 tenant to improve the security of their accounts and data.

Changes that apply to all Microsoft 365 licenses

Below is a list of settings that we recommend changing for all organisations...

09 Apr 2020

With the introduction of macOS Catalina 10.15, Apple will no longer support 32-bit applications. Moving forward, Apple will only support 64-bit applications on their macOS platform. 

That’s great but what does it mean for me?

Well, the short answer is that because of this change...

18 Mar 2020

The requirement for staff to work remotely continues to grow and does not look like stopping for at least the next couple of months. With the ensuing chaos that we have all experienced recently, one thing that can be easily overlooked is the organisation's IT budget.

If you currently pay...

18 Mar 2020

With the unprecedented increase in staff now working from home, have you considered if your network is secure enough to keep your data and applications safe? Has your organisation created an unprecedented increase in potential cybersecurity gaps?

You can help to close the gap with multi-...

29 Aug 2016

I like technologies that add value in the background without too much end user change management. Particularly in the area of document management, which for most employees is not high on their priority list of things to do or their KPIs for that matter. 

So with AO Docs there is no huge...

08 Feb 2016

Work as we know it is being transformed by the technological shift to the cloud. As of 2015 over 15% of companies in the 1-1000 employee size have moved their entire IT infrastructure to remote servers to be consumed as a service.* 

This is expected to double by 2017* and so on. A...