What is a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

A Managed Service Provider is a company that provides IT support and services to another business. An MSP manages and monitors the technology infrastructure and systems of its clients, providing a proactive approach that keeps IT systems running smoothly. 


MSPs generally charge monthly or annual for their services. The cost may depend on the size of the client or the number of devices that need managing. Myrtec offers a more pay-as-you-go style service called FLEX Myrtec Managed IT Agreements that you can find out more about here.   


The benefits of working with an MSP are increased efficiency, cost savings, and peace of mind. If you are considering working with an MSP, this article will explain everything you need to know. 


How Does MSP Operate?

MSPs are essential in managing IT infrastructure and operations, providing comprehensive support to businesses. They assess the client’s IT environment, identify areas for improvement, and develop a customized IT strategy. Once approved, they onboard systems, networks, and applications, ensuring smooth transitions.


MSPs continuously monitor the client’s IT environment, identifying and resolving issues proactively. They offer 24/7 help desk support, addressing hardware and software problems, network connectivity, and technical challenges. They also provide cybersecurity services, implementing measures like firewalls, antivirus software, intrusion detection systems, and employee training.


MSPs also develop data backup and recovery strategies, ensuring secure storage and quick restoration in case of data loss or disaster. They also offer strategic IT planning and review, providing insights on emerging technologies and industry trends. MSPs offer scalability and flexibility, allowing clients to access additional resources without significant upfront investments.

Discover the Benefits of Managed IT Services with Myrtec

Cost Efficiency


With MSPs, you can bid farewell to unpredictable IT expenses. They often offer subscription-based pricing, making budgeting a breeze.



Myrtec Team are IT pros, staying ahead of the curve with the latest tech trends and best practices. You can benefit from their knowledge and experience.

Proactive Monitoring


Managed IT Service Providers keep a constant watch over your systems, nipping issues in the bud before they become major problems. Less downtime, more productivity.

Focus on Your Core Business


By outsourcing IT management to an Managed IT Service Provider, you can concentrate on what you do best – running your business and pursuing your strategic objectives.

Beyond this, MSPs often offer services like hardware, software, licensing, networks, security, or multiple other IT services. Some companies may opt to use an in-house IT expert, but many don’t due to the high costs and key person risk involved. 


Increased efficiency, improved security, and reduced costs are all benefits of outsourcing an MSP. Managed services can help organisations save time and money by reducing the time that employees spend trying to fix IT issues rather than doing their actual work. IT experts are also trained in cyber security, best practices and compliance guidelines.  

Types of Services Offered by Managed service providers

Now, let’s break down the services that Managed Service Providers typically offer:

Network Management


They keep a close monitoring of your network infrastructure, making sure it operates seamlessly. No more late-night troubleshooting sessions; they’ve got it covered.

Data Backup and Recovery


Your data is valuable, and Managed Service Providers ensure it’s safe and sound. They implement robust backup solutions and recovery plans to protect against data loss.

Cybersecurity Services


With the ever-present threat of cyberattacks, MSPs are your first line of defense. They manage firewalls, detect intrusions, and keep your digital fortress secure.

Cloud Services


Many businesses are migrating to the cloud, and MSPs are here to assist. They help you transition smoothly, manage your cloud resources, and ensure data integrity.

Help Desk Support


We all encounter IT hiccups, but with Managed IT Service Providers, help is just a call away. They provide technical support to your team, resolving issues swiftly.

IT Consulting


Think of them as your tech advisors. They help you align your IT strategy with your business goals, making sure technology works for you, not against you.

If you are considering managed services for your business, contact Myrtec for a conversation about whether we are the right fit for your business. 

How to Evaluate Your Current Provider?

Now, let’s shift our focus to those of you who already have an MSP in place. It’s essential to periodically evaluate your current provider. Here’s a checklist to help you assess their performance:

Service Quality


Is your MSP delivering on its promises? Assess the quality of their services and support. Reading reviews and customer testimonials gives you trust in selecting your Managed Service Provider.



Are you in the loop about what’s happening with your IT systems? Clear and open communication is vital.

Alignment with Business Goals


Are your IT strategies aligning with your business objectives? Your MSP should be helping you reach your goals.

Signs That It's Time for a Change for Managed Service Provider

Here are some common signs that it might be time to consider switching MSPs:

Service Quality Decline


If you’ve noticed a drop in service quality, frequent downtime, or unresolved issues, it’s time to take action.

Communication Issues


Effective communication is key. If your provider is unresponsive or lacks transparency, it’s a red flag.

Evolving Business Needs


As your business grows and evolves, your IT requirements change. Ensure your MSP can adapt to your evolving needs.

How Much Does Managed Service Provider Contract Cost? 

Different providers charge different amounts for Managed Service Agreements. They generally use fixed fee amounts on a lock-in agreement.  


At Myrtec, we do things a little differently with our FLEX Agreement. We charge customers one low cost for each device with our proactive management Agent installed and then use a pay-on-consumption model for any Help Desk support consumed. FLEX has no minimums, no lock-in contract, no hidden costs and no signup fee. It’s discounted on volume so the more support you consume, the cheaper the rate. This means if you use a lot of support, you will be invoiced at a discounted rate, and if you use no support, you only pay your Agent fee. 


If you want to take a look at a Myrtec FLEX Proposal, let us know here.  

Are Managed Services Right For My Business? 

Finding an internal IT resource with industry-specific experience, knowledge and connections is a time-consuming and costly process. Then you have to train them and put in place a backup plan for when they go on leave or unexpectedly exit your business.  


This is why we believe outsourcing Managed IT is the way to go! Experts from MSPs will understand the specific requirements of your industry, they’ll be partnered with leading software providers and the insider knowledge to improve your business’s process. There is no key person risk and a team of people on the Help Desk ready to answer when you call and need instant support.  


Rather than having another employee to manage, you can focus your time and energy on investing in your business and seeing it grow. 

Are you overspending on IT Support?

Do you feel like your fixed-term IT agreement doesn’t provide the value that you were promised – find out how much you could save today.


Outsourcing an MSP could be what makes or breaks your business’s success. Avoid frustrated employees, limited ability to scale bigger and cyber breaches with an MSP who knows what they are doing.  


Switching to a different MSP (or finding your first one) may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Start by having a conversation with one of the experts at Myrtec today. 


If you are considering outsourcing managed services for your organisation, be sure to do your research and choose a reputable provider. Managed services can be a great way to improve your organisation’s IT infrastructure, workflows and operations, but only if you choose a reputable provider who takes the time to understand your business. 

Key Takeaways

Managed Service Provider
Are you overspending on IT Support?

Do you feel like your fixed-term IT agreement doesn’t provide the value that you were promised?


Find out how much you could save.