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16 Apr 2021

At Myrtec, we have functional processes in place that involve coordinating with other businesses. We aim to leave no room for error but relying on other businesses to complete core business processes means that some times distributors run out of stock, freight companies have delays and sometimes...

12 Apr 2021

Today we are going to be answering some of our most frequently asked questions regarding Citrix and Virtual Desktop Environments.

But first… what is Citrix? 

Well... to be specific, Citrix is actually an American software company, but today we are going to look at their Virtual...

31 Mar 2021

Question: Who likes to waste billable time?

Answer: Absolutely no one!

Sage claims that Australian Business Owners spends an estimated 81 days out of the year completing basic administrative tasks. That’s a lot of time that could have been spent completing billable work! 

29 Mar 2021

According to ServiceNow, employees are spending up to 16 hours per week completing mundane administrative tasks. Not only is this a cost to your business, but it’s a lost opportunity for revenue growth and business development. 

So, what do you need? Digital workflow automation. Digital...

22 Mar 2021

We all know that technology is often confusing, overwhelming and downright frustrating. At Myrtec, we are here to take this weight off your shoulders.

For this week’s Tech Tuesday we're taking a look at Microsoft’s Cloud-based services. You’ve more than likely already heard of OneDrive,...

12 Mar 2021

Are you tired of wasting valuable time completing mundane administrative tasks? Sounds like your business is ready for workflow automation.

But what is workflow automation?

Automating workflows means to use technologies that utilise rule-based logic to automate the process of...

08 Mar 2021

In line with our celebrations for International Women’s Day this week, today we are taking a look at the fantastic women working in IT. 

The technology industry has always been dominated by males, as demonstrated by Weploy, 2019, statistics which highlight that only 24% of Australian...

02 Mar 2021

This week for Tech Tuesdays we are going to be going over the common IT acronyms that you've probably heard of, but never understood.

We will start simple, we all see the options for when we are sending an email, but did you know what those CC and BCC acronyms mean? CC is Carbon Copy and...

23 Feb 2021

Welcome back for another week of Tech Tuesdays.

Does your business make the mistake of relying on a singular email login for all of your employees? It is often believed that having one email login for your business equals boosted productivity and convenience. 

However, here is a...

15 Feb 2021

Welcome back for another week of Tech Tuesdays.

Is your business frustrated with your existing email provider? Having difficulties both sending and receiving emails can mean that gaining and retaining business is a huge challenge. 

Myrtec is able to eradicate this issue by...