Service Desk Engineer

Michael Thomas


Michael is a competitive team player on the sporting field and applies this same drive off the field and into his role on Myrtec’s Service Desk. Michael’s end goal is always to see his customers succeed, which he ensures by providing the same level of attention and care to every inbound enquiry, thus always guaranteeing customer satisfaction and high-quality results.

Michael is particularly interested in furthering his studies and exploring the realm of Cyber Security. This passion, coupled with his work experience in media design and development, means that he will be able to enthusiastically provide ongoing customer support and consultation regarding securing company data and accounts as well as designing security policies that ensure his customers are supported in online environments.

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    Do you collect anything?

    I love collecting merchandise from movies, shows and games that I enjoy. I tend to buy Plushies if I can.

    What is your favourite movie genre?

    I love anything psychological, detective or any type of drama that wracks my brain.

    What is your favourite weird food combination?

    Vegemite on pancakes.

    What is your most used emoji?

    I tend to bypass the emojis and go straight to the ;/ I like it because it's not an official emoji and it can be used in any and all scenarios.