Do you know who likes downtime caused by IT? Nobody. A typical cutover to Myrtec takes less than one day with no interruption to business. 



At Myrtec, we have no onboarding fees. A typical customer cutover takes less than a day. What does this mean for you? No baggage and no strings attached. How could you afford to be loyal when the competition looks this good?

1 – Request for Proposal

We wish we could propose instantly, but arranged marriages were outlawed in 1950. Once you’ve swiped right (or hit Request a Proposal) you will need to provide us with your contact information and preferred method of contact.

2 – Initial Consultation

Now we know how to reach you, it’s time for our first date! We have a reputation for moving pretty quickly, so once we know a few more things about you, we will be sending a proposal your way.

3 – Onboarding Preparation

Should you accept our proposal, it’s time to meet the family! We will pair you with an Account Manager (think of the cool cousin at family events) and get you introduced to them and the rest of our team.

4 – Service Provisioning

Let’s get married! We will get your organisation set up as a customer in our Help Desk system to build our knowledge base with your specific information.

5 – Let’s Flex 💪🏼

We’re married now… it’s time to get FLEXible. We will deploy our Myrtec Agent on all of your devices registered under your Flex Agreement and permit all management and staff access to our Customer Only Portal.


If you’re based in Newcastle, someone from our team will stop by and bring you your welcome gift. If you’re not, via post it is! You will have the option for a photo and social media mention.

6 – Helpdesk Support

Is it too early for couples therapy? Maybe think of our Engineers as your friends then. We’ll be there to provide instant support right when you need it, or be scheduled in to work around your busy day. There are no limitations to the types of support you can request including either remote or onsite assistance.

7 – Ongoing Maintenance

Relationships take work, and we are committed to regularly spicing ours up. We will use our Agent for data collection to provide you with monthly analysis and reporting. Our team will apply early intervention where required and when you need support, you will know exactly where to access it.

8 – Improvement Lifecycle

Every healthy relationship needs open and honest communication, right? Your Account Manager will regularly ensure we are aligning your technology strategy with your business goals. We will consistently identify opportunities, evaluate, implement and review. In sickness and in health, we’ve got you.

But if you do feel unsatisfied, we only operate month-to-month, so it’s never been easier to get a divorce. How’s that for unparalleled flexibility?