Microsoft Teams is a popular workplace communication channel for instant messaging between co-workers. But beyond chatrooms, Microsoft Teams also offers a modern calling solution that replaces traditional landlines. 

Benefits of Microsoft Teams Calling

Microsoft Teams Calling replaces traditional PBXs with a cloud-based call control system, providing the overall telephony workload required in everyday business.


Teams Calling is integrated into Microsoft 365 and can manage both voice and video communication required for business. Any device that is compatible with Microsoft Teams can be configured as a staff’s calling device. This allows organisations to reduce the required number of devices provisioned to each user, lowering the cost of employment and re-provisioning.


Teams Calling provides all the standard features that you are used to in a phone. But, it adds the flexibility for staff to answer calls from any device, from anywhere in the world.

Features of Teams Calling:

Call queues

Call holding

Call forwarding

Call transferring


Transitioning from your existing phone system into Microsoft Teams Calling is simple as Microsoft allows existing phone numbers to be set up and transferred into Microsoft Teams. You can also bring your existing calling plan into Microsoft Teams using their Direct Routing configuration. This allows customers to connect voice trunks directly from their network into Microsoft Teams or other telephony entities such as call centres.


Existing phone systems will often incur their subscription services and have own their support team, which can cause issues identifying what’s wrong and who to contact in the case of an outage. Configuring Microsoft Teams calling will assist in reducing the number of external parties managing your system and move your phone system into a single service that your existing IT provider can manage through the Microsoft Admin Centre. 

Microsoft Teams Calling is available through the ‘Microsoft Teams Phone with Calling Plan’ license that can be purchased as an add-on to any Microsoft 365 tenant or is included in the ‘Microsoft 365 E5’ license subscription tiers. Get in contact to find out more.

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