Serious about levelling up your small business?

Spending the last 10+ years working with small, medium, and large businesses has taught us that while they all appear vastly different- they actually have a lot in common. These common denominators are their shared desire to grow, add value, develop relationships and serve. 


We also understand that small business owners tend to wear a lot of hats: operations, HR, accounting, marketing, technology – just to name a few. And because their business is like their baby, they try to be as hands-on as possible. But indifferent to being a parent of a newborn, crazy hat-wearing often leads to mass exhaustion. 


So in conclusion, small and large businesses – have different needs but are the same? How can we ease the stress on small business owners then without taking away their budget and ownership?



Oh, your business is too new, too small or doesn’t have the budget? Bow bow. Think again. 

Managed IT agreements are an investment, not an expense. They are often the catalyst for business growth and are almost essential when it comes to compliance and security.

Before we delve further into why you should invest in Managed IT, we should explain what Managed IT actually is. A Managed Service Agreement (MSA) is a written agreement between you and a Managed Service Provider (MSP)- also commonly referred to as an IT Provider. 


The specifics vary between providers, but MSA’s generally include proactive IT support, network security, backups, ensuring your technical infrastructure is running at peak performance and of course having someone there to answer your calls when you need instant tech support.

What are the benefits of Managed IT if you're running a small business?

  • Your provider will be incentivised by their own KPI’s which are linked to the longevity and growth of your business.


  • Bringing people in and out of your business fast, simple and secure.


  • It’s a low-cost and simple way to expand your professional network and add credibility to your business.


  • It significantly reduces the likelihood of a successful cyber attack and makes you overall less vulnerable to a breach.


  • You will have someone to support you and ensure you are meeting compliance regulations.


  • You will have more more time to invest in revenue-generating activities (one less hat to wear!).

Not just any Managed IT Agreement but a Myrtec FLEX Agreement for your small business?

Okay, now it’s time for our plug (surely you knew it was coming!).

  • Unlike other IT providers, we don’t have fixed fees. FLEX billing is broken into two parts: One low cost for the ‘Managed’ part of the service, and then you are only billed for the support time you consume. Don’t need any support one month? No support fee! Consume a lot of support? It’s discounted by volume! This is why FLEX is suited for businesses with up to 200 employees, but also perfect for sole traders and small businesses. 


  • We also don’t have lock-in contracts. We operate month-to-month, so if you don’t think Managed IT is for you, you can leave with ease. We are so confident you will love our service that we don’t need to keep you locked in!


  • The Myrtec Agent (included with your FLEX Agreement) gives us remote capabilities, allowing us to work with businesses all over Australia. With consent, we can log into your device remotely and solve any issues; saving time and travel-related expenses.


  • Our Customer Only Portal gives all of our customers a live overview of their managed assets, support consumed, software licenses, training resources and so much more. We’re all about providing complete visibility so you know exactly what you’re paying for.
Are you overspending on IT Support?

Do you feel like your fixed-term IT agreement doesn’t provide the value that you were promised – find out how much you could save today.

Key Takeaways

You will be organised, compliant and secure thanks to FLEX’s scalable, affordable and sustainable approach to Managed IT. When you’re ready to level up, get in contact.

Are you overspending on IT Support?

Do you feel like your fixed-term IT agreement doesn’t provide the value that you were promised?


Find out how much you could save.