Be compliant and scale your NDIS operations with ease


Hunter Ethical Disability Support Services (HEDSS) is a registered NDIS provider based in Beresfield, NSW. They offer reliable, flexible and fun NDIS support that helps individuals with disabilities find independence and live their best lives.


This case study outlines how an IT partnership with Myrtec enabled HEDSS to improve their IT infrastructure in 5 separate phases.

Phase one – Foundation 


Challenge: In May 2022 when the HEDSS team had 20 staff they were referred to Myrtec after their domain name expired and didn’t have access to the registrar to transfer the domain. This meant they also lost access to their emails and couldn’t run a website. 

Solution: Myrtec recovered the HEDSS domain, returned their website to production and got their emails back up and running.

Benefit: This returned the ability for HEDSS to communicate via company emails and facilitated the opportunity to develop a new website. This added to their professionalism and credibility, as well as supported their marketing efforts. 


This was the foundation for a lasting relationship between the Myrtec and HEDSS teams.

Phase two – Managed IT services implementation


Challenge: The HEDSS team was growing, and IT challenges were becoming a distraction from their core business. They turned to Myrtec for help because of their experience working with them previously.  

Solution: Myrtec implemented their FLEX Managed IT Agreement for proactive monitoring and ongoing IT Helpdesk services for HEDSS. This is a no fixed fee, no lock in, and entirely scalable service that would allow HEDSS to rely on Myrtec for immediate or planned IT support where required. 

Benefit: The HEDSS team could sleep well at night knowing they had a competent IT team backing them. They know that when they need support, help is available from a team that understands the NDIS landscape and the way they work. 


Now that HEDSS was a Myrtec FLEX customer, Myrtec could access their systems and look at their IT setup more holistically. This would allow them to make incremental strategic improvements as time and budget allowed, driven by the experience and expertise of the Myrtec team. 

Phase three – Infrastructure enhancement 


Challenge: HEDSS was growing rapidly and didn’t have an adequate data structure and access control policy in place that would allow the right people to access the right documents efficiently. 

Solution: Myrtec scoped and configured Microsoft 365 architecture, including a SharePoint design, that helped HEDSS manage their document repositories and meet data governance and control requirements. 

Benefit: HEDSS now meet NDIS provider compliance requirements, staff have easy access to only the documents that are relevant to their duties, and they reduced their cyber risk in the event of a breach by limiting access to data in their organisation. 

Phase four – Driving efficiency with automation


Challenge: HEDSS had the capacity to take on new participants but was missing out on opportunities to work with them as they couldn’t process the volume of inbound inquiries and referrals that they were receiving. 

Solution: Myrtec designed an automated onboarding process for HEDSS using existing tools available through Microsoft 365. This process started from the initial referral to a form with pre-set fields such as name, addresses, DOBs etc, through to having new client data saved in a document ready for meeting with the participants, carers or families.  

Benefit: HEDSS can now keep their resources at capacity and support more participants as they don’t miss out on new opportunities. HEDSS demonstrates their professionalism as an organisation with fast turnaround times and efficient processes. They also spend significantly less time and resources on administrative functions. 


Myrtec also supports HEDSS by providing them with the right licensing, hardware, strategy and services to enable the ongoing development and improvement of their IT systems. Cyber security, best practices, risk mitigation, scalability, simplicity, efficiency? Myrtec has them covered.  

What HEDSS loves about Myrtec: 


  • Educational lunch and learns: Myrtec conducts free informative sessions called “Techshops” to keep HEDSS abreast of IT advancements
  • Responsive Help Desk: Accessible and patient support staff that provide timely assistance by answering the phones when they call
  • Proactive Account Management: Myrtec’s account management team proactively identify growth opportunities and address gaps
  • NDIS Expertise: Myrtec demonstrates a deep understanding of the NDIS landscape and its unique IT requirements
  • Feedback Responsiveness: Myrtec welcomes and acts upon feedback, fostering a collaborative partnership


Amie Burns

Operations Manager


Phase five – Continuous improvement 


Challenge: New employees at HEDSS are providing feedback to management that their onboarding was a “clunky” process.

Solution: Myrtec is currently gathering feedback from HEDSS employees and will document the process to understand the challenges and who is responsible for each step. They will also identify where technology can alleviate friction points in the process. From there, Myrtec will implement automation to make the process more efficient.

Benefit: New employees will have a smooth start with HEDSS, leading to the attraction and retention of good employees and reduced effort and costs associated with onboarding. 

The partnership between HEDSS and Myrtec demonstrates the importance of establishing a scalable and efficient IT infrastructure from the outset. By addressing challenges incrementally and leveraging Myrtec’s expertise, HEDSS has positioned itself for continued growth and success.