Microsoft Surface for Business

Microsoft Surface for Business is a collection of devices designed to meet the needs of modern workplaces. These devices are powered by Windows 10 Pro and Microsoft 365, and are built to enhance productivity, collaboration, and security.

Surface devices offer several key benefits in a business environment, such as:

Versatility: Surface devices can be used in various modes (laptop, tablet, studio) to fit different tasks and user preferences.

Performance: Surface devices are equipped with powerful processors, ample memory, and fast storage to handle demanding workloads.

Security: Surface devices come with built-in security features, such as Windows Hello biometric authentication, TPM chips, and BitLocker encryption.

Connectivity: Surface devices support various connectivity options, such as Wi-Fi 6, LTE, USB-C, and Surface Connect.

Accessories: Surface devices can be paired with a range of accessories, such as Surface Pen, Surface Dial, and Surface Dock, to extend their capabilities.

Key Features and Benefits of Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface is a versatile device that can benefit your business in many ways.


Here are some of the benefits of using Microsoft Surface for your business:

Cost Effective – By using Microsoft Surface instead of other devices on your network, you may save time thanks to the improved performance. 

Versatile – Devices from Microsoft Surface are perfect for both personal and business usage since they are small, light, and have a long battery life.

Efficiency – One of the few laptops, the Microsoft Surface, is compatible with Autopilot, allowing you to ship a laptop to an employee and have it set up and ready to use without any additional setup or programme installation. This saves time and boosts production by enabling your staff to go to work straight immediately.

Secure – Your company’s data is protected by built-in security safeguards on Microsoft Surface tablets.

Improved Communication – Your sales force can operate efficiently on the road using Microsoft Surface and engage with consumers more effectively. The Surface Pro 7 makes it simple for employees of your sales staff to communicate information with clients by showing it on a compact, portable tablet.

Unified Management – Your IT staff can easily manage and maintain your devices thanks to the simplicity of deployment and unified management of Microsoft Surface devices. 

Improved Mobility – Devices made by Microsoft Surface provide improved corporate mobility, particularly for distant workers. 

Microsoft Surface is a device that is affordable, adaptable, effective, secure, and simple to maintain and may help your company increase productivity, communication, and mobility.

Why Choose Microsoft Surface for Business with Myrtec?

Microsoft Surface devices are the ideal choice for businesses due to their unparalleled performance, seamless integration with Microsoft 365, industry-leading security features, versatile and flexible form factors, and excellent customer support and warranty. 

Here’s a breakdown of why Surface devices are the perfect fit for businesses:

Unparalleled Performance and Reliability: Surface devices are equipped with the latest generation processors, ample RAM, and storage options, providing superior multi-threading and faster single-threaded performance.

Seamless Integration with Microsoft 365: Surface devices are integrated with Microsoft 365, providing businesses with access to productivity tools such as Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint.

Industry-Leading Security Features: Surface devices come with built-in security features such as Windows Hello biometric authentication, TPM chips, and BitLocker encryption, helping to protect business data.

Versatile and Flexible Form Factors: Surface devices come in various form factors, such as laptops, 2-in-1s, and tablets, providing businesses with the flexibility to choose the device that best suits their needs.

Excellent Customer Support and Warranty: Microsoft offers excellent customer support and warranty for Surface devices, providing businesses with peace of mind and ensuring that issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

At Myrtec, we are proud to be your trusted partner in implementing cutting-edge technology solutions. We offer a wide range of Surface devices tailored to meet your business needs.

Whether you’re looking for powerful laptops, flexible 2-in-1s, or sleek tablets, Microsoft Surface has you covered. With their seamless integration with Microsoft 365, advanced security features, and unmatched performance, Surface devices are designed to elevate your business to new heights.

Ready to experience the power and versatility of Microsoft Surface devices for your business? Speak with the team at Myrtec!