North Shore Nurses is a Sydney-based nursing agency committed to maintaining high ethical standards and quality service for both their clients and candidates. Due to their nature of work, often staff are only contracted for short periods, therefore, North Shore Nurses needed to find a way to securely bring people in and out of their organisation without concern for intellectual property theft. When North Shore Nurses went to market to find an IT provider who could come provide a solution, they were met with several inadequate bids that did not address their unique requirements. When they found Myrtec via our website, we were quick to respond with a tailor-made solution that addressed each of their specific needs. Thus, they entrusted Myrtec to deliver their project.

North Shore Nurses has transient workforce, with employees working all around Australia. They approached Myrtec because they wanted tighter security and more control over their internal data. They needed a way to bring people in and out of the organisation, securely, without having to constantly reset company passwords. This meant they needed to consolidate all of their data into one remote location that they could easily add, and remove access provisions to.

Myrtec introduced Windows Virtual Desktops, built-in Microsoft Azure. This means that all of their applications are locked inside WVD and cannot be accessed from anywhere else. Then Myrtec configured WVD to have two sets of security policies. The first, all of their software is cloud-based, meaning that their applications will only accept logins that come from the WVD connection. The second, it restricts users from being able to download, copy or print anything located within WDV. This means that new and existing staff are given a WVD login that they can use on their own device to log in and access all of their applications. But once they leave the organisation, they are easily removed access from WVD, in one central location, and they can no longer access any of their company data (because it is all located in WVD).

“Working with Rob and Tristan from Myrtec was a great experience. Both professional in their approach and always available to answer all queries and execution to the project was a smooth experience.”

Vish Shah



North Shore Nurses now have infrastructure in place that allows them to thoroughly address information security and compliance requirements. Additionally, managing users has been simplified tenfold, which means that staff can focus on their key responsibilities while Myrtec manages their data security in the background.