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Integration Services

We understand that effective communication is vital for anyone’s business success. Standalone PCs are traditionally good enough for managing small businesses and connecting small number of people, until business reach a size where access to separate PCs can become a burden. This is where our advanced Cloud Service Technology bring new solutions and possibilities to the picture.

Myrtec’s Hosted Desktop service offers improved working productivity and cost-efficiency by providing access to its state-of-the-art IT system that can flex with your business’ needs, while simultaneously reduce ownership and operational cost.

Clients and their employees get quick and easy access to the company’s important information using their hosted desktop and through collaboration based products such as Google Apps, (Gmail, Google Chat, Google Drive, Google Docs), Microsoft Office 365 and Hosted PBX and share files all over their network. This makes real-time cross-office collaboration among colleagues conveniently easy, allowing connected users to share screen content, documents, files, images, graphs, emails, calendars, etc., This system improve business and staff productivity, access, edit and share files with colleagues in real-time, mobility and flexibility to work anytime, anywhere, and preserve full integration's of software functions through better IT support.

Users in different places can connect with each other through desktop sharing tools, perfect for online meetings with clients and suppliers, web conferences and web presentations with colleagues, online training for new staffs, and remote support.

Understanding the collaboration advantages and benefits of a hosted desktop is one thing; finding the right one that fits to your business is another. This is what Myrtec quality ensures. Our collaboration access solution comes with reliable access and security to your business files and information, comes with improved virus and malware protection, ensures automatic file back-up and disaster recovery, all with hassle-free maintenance. Plus, server storage is in cloud, which means it is infinitely scalable to meet the growing demands of your business.