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Microsoft Teams Launches Webinar Feature

At Microsoft’s Spring 2021 Ignite Event,  Microsoft announced that its Teams application would be introducing a series of enhanced features that will improve the experience for its users. These features will allow for stronger application integration and improved communication between users.  

At Myrtec, we're especially excited about the announcement of Teams latest function: webinars. 

Couldn’t Teams host webinars before…? Well yes, but they were more so considered to be ‘live events.’ Now you can create a custom registration form to send out to prospective attendees, manage the attendees' audio and video sharing capabilities, control the chatbox and even access a Q&A feature. 

Our favourite new feature is its integration with Dynamics 365 Marketing, which has the ability to deliver and manage post-event activities, such as basic webinar follow-up communications, through to more complex relationship management campaigns. 

For full instructions on how to host a webinar in Microsoft Teams, see here.

Looks simple right? Perhaps it’s time for Myrtec to start hosting our own webinars...

Myrtec is proud to be a Microsoft Partner. Contact our team to enquire about Office 365 implementation, document management systems, automated workflows or training workshops for your business.