Which Microsoft 365 Authentication Method is Right for You?

Microsoft 365 offers cloud-based productivity and collaboration applications, requiring authentication to protect systems, data, networks, websites, and applications from attacks. Strong authentication processes make it easier for attackers to compromise accounts, making multi-factor authentication (MFA) crucial in Microsoft 365.

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Why is Authentication Important in Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 relies on authentication for security, prevention of unauthorised access, and protection against password-related attacks. By implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA), organisations can verify user identities before granting access, reducing the risk of data breaches. This ensures that only authorised users can access protected resources, such as computer systems, networks, databases, and websites. 


Additionally, authentication helps meet compliance requirements by ensuring data security and user accountability by associating actions and changes within Microsoft 365 with specific user identities. 


Overall, implementing strong authentication measures in Microsoft 365 ensures the protection of sensitive data and compliance with industry and regulatory frameworks.

What are the Different Authentication Methods in Microsoft 365?

Username and Password Authentication:

Username and password authentication is one of the most common authentication methods for Microsoft 365. However, Microsoft announced plans to disable basic authentication for Office 365, which means that users will need to use modern authentication methods such as multi factor authentication (MFA) .

When users want to access Microsoft 365, they have to be authenticated. Users in an organisation will already have a username and password, most likely while using an internal Active Directory. Organisations can make use of their existing authentication system (like Active Directory) when implementing authentication for Microsoft 365.

Multi Factor Authentication

Multifactor authentication (MFA) is a crucial security measure for Microsoft 365, requiring users to provide multiple forms of authentication to access the platform. This extra layer of security helps prevent unauthorized access to the platform. 

To set up MFA, administrators can go to the Microsoft 365 admin center, select Users > Active users, and choose More > Setup Azure multi-factor auth. Users can also add a secondary authentication method by logging in to Office 365 and selecting Security info from the left. Enabling MFA ensures that only authorized users can access Microsoft 365, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches.

Passwordless Authentication / Biometric Authentication

Passwordless authentication is a secure method that eliminates the need for passwords and uses biometric or token-based authentication. Microsoft offers options for Microsoft 365 and Azure Active Directory, including Windows Hello for Business, Microsoft Authenticator, and FIDO2 security keys. 

Windows Hello for Business uses facial recognition, fingerprint, or PIN to sign in to Windows 10 devices, while Microsoft Authenticator provides an additional layer of security for Microsoft 365 and Azure Active Directory. FIDO2 security keys are physical security keys that are resistant to phishing attacks. Setting up passwordless authentication for Microsoft 365 is easy, and organisations can significantly enhance their security and reduce the risk of unauthorised access and data breaches.

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