Myrtec provides a range of IT services, including licensing solutions. They specialise in helping businesses manage their software licences to ensure compliance and cost-effectiveness. They offer cloud-based licensing, which is becoming increasingly important for companies to stay relevant and competitive in the tech industry.

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Why are Licences Important?

Software licencing is essential for any business that sells software. It protects the software from piracy and helps businesses monetize their products and services. Licencing is essential for businesses for several reasons. Here are some benefits of licencing for businesses:

Protecting intellectual property: Licencing helps businesses protect their intellectual property by allowing them to control who can use their products or services. This helps prevent piracy and unauthorised use of their products.

Generating additional revenue streams: Licencing can create new business opportunities and generate passive income for businesses. Licencees can purchase a business licence and start making money immediately, while licencors can earn royalties without investing any money into the production, marketing, or distribution of the goods.

Maintaining compliance and avoiding legal issues: Licencing can help businesses stay compliant with regulations and avoid legal issues. For example, software licencing is essential for anyone who sells software to protect against piracy and ensure compliance with regulations. Licencing agreements can also reduce risks for both parties and ensure that licencees have a marketing plan in place.

Why Choose Myrtec for Licencing?

Licencing strategy development and consulting: Myrtec offers licencing strategy development and consulting services to help businesses develop effective licencing strategies that meet their specific needs. This includes reviewing the current state of licences in a company, identifying weak spots in the software licencing process, and developing a strategy for a cloud licencing solution.

Licence compliance management: Myrtec offers licence compliance management services to help businesses stay compliant with regulations and avoid legal issues. This includes maintaining a database of all current licences, tracking licence usage data, and ensuring that licencees have a marketing plan in place.

Licence optimization and cost reduction: Myrtec offers licence optimization and cost reduction services to help businesses reduce costs and optimise their licencing solutions. This includes identifying areas where costs can be reduced, such as unused licences, and developing strategies to optimise licencing solutions.

Licence audit and risk assessment: Myrtec offers licence audit and risk assessment services to help businesses identify potential risks and ensure compliance with regulations. This includes conducting licence audits to identify potential risks and developing strategies to mitigate those risks.

Myrtec can manage the Help Desk for clients and assist with any issues related to software licences.

For monthly subscriptions, Myrtec can move the licences during the transition period. For annual subscriptions, Myrtec can create an appointment to transfer the licences on the renewal date.

Myrtec can help clients transition their licences to the cloud or Universal version of the same product or edition and can assist with setting up and running licence jobs and managing compliance.

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