Although recognised for internal file storage and sharing, SharePoint also has secure external file sharing capabilities and collaboration functions. 


This function enables workers and their clients to exchange documents in a secure environment. SharePoint also allows users to set specific permissions to prevent external users from removing any files from the folder that was shared with them.


The best practice for this configuration is to have a separate SharePoint site used exclusively for external sharing. This way, your internal SharePoint site can still have permissions restricted to what’s practical within your practice. 


On the separate site, users will be able to create folders relating to a matter and share them with specific individuals outside of the organisation. When this is done, the individual who has the folder shared with them does not get access to any additional folders outside of the one shared with them.


The combination of the separate site and explicit permissions reduces the threat surface to just one site and just one folder.

How to share SharePoint folders with people outside of your organisation

1. To share a folder from inside of a SharePoint site, right-click the folder you want to share then select Share.

2. Set restrictions on who can access the folder to by selecting Specific People.

3. Enter the email address of the recipient and click Send.

4. The recipient will then receive an email advising them that the folder has been shared with them. 


5. If you wish, you can set an alert on the folder to notify you when an item is updated/added/removed by right-clicking the folder again and clicking Alert me to open the interface to configure. 

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