How to Organise SharePoint Effectively

SharePoint, a web-based collaboration platform developed by Microsoft, offers a centralised space for organisations to manage, share, and collaborate on various content, including documents, calendars, and tasks. It provides a secure environment for accessing, sharing, and editing documents, while also ensuring compliance with industry standards like GDPR and HIPAA. SharePoint offers advanced data encryption, storage quotas per user, scalability, mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, and easy editing and reviewing of documents on-the-go.

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By ensuring proper organisation and collaboration, SharePoint enables businesses to create a secure and productive file collaboration environment, promoting teamwork, quick access to information, and seamless collaboration across the organisation.

What are the Benefits of Organising Sharepoint?

SharePoint offers a centralised platform for real-time collaboration, efficient information retrieval, and improved security and compliance. Its features, such as GDPR compliance, ensure secure storage and access control, while streamlined document management streamlines processes. 


Proper organisation in SharePoint enhances team collaboration, information retrieval, security, and compliance, leading to increased productivity, efficient workflows, and improved communication within the organisation.

Ways on How to Organise Sharepoint

Assess Organisation Needs

To effectively implement SharePoint, it is crucial to assess the organisation’s specific requirements, understand user roles and permissions, and analyse content types and categories relevant to your organisation’s workflows and processes. 


Conducting a SharePoint assessment or workshop can help gather necessary insights and ensure that the implementation aligns with the organisation’s goals and requirements. Involving key stakeholders and users in this process ensures that SharePoint implementation aligns with the organisation’s needs.

Planning Your SharePoint Information Architecture

SharePoint Information Architecture involves creating a logical site structure with sites, subsites, and libraries, implementing metadata and content types for consistent categorization, defining naming conventions for files and folders, and considering scalability and future growth.


This approach ensures a well-organised and efficient environment for content management, collaboration, and increased productivity within the organisation.

Design a User-Friendly Navigation

SharePoint’s user-friendly navigation involves intuitive menus, navigation bars, global and local navigation elements, audience targeting, and responsive design for mobile and cross-device usability.


Key points include clear labels, icons, and audience targeting for personalised user experiences. Using mobile-friendly navigation elements and testing on different devices ensures cross-device usability and improved content management and collaboration.

Setting Up Document Libraries and Lists

SharePoint allows for efficient document management and collaboration by creating document libraries for different content types, defining custom columns and metadata, using document sets for managing related documents, and implementing versioning and approval workflows for document control.


This creates a well-organised environment, enhancing productivity, streamlined workflows, and improved communication within the organisation.

Implementing Effective Search Functionality

SharePoint’s built-in search features enable users to find relevant information quickly and easily. Configuring search scopes for targeted results, using search-driven navigation, and integrating metadata for improved search accuracy create an efficient and productive environment for content management and collaboration. This leads to increased productivity, streamlined workflows, and improved communication within the organisation.


In today’s fast-paced business landscape, a well-organised SharePoint environment is a cornerstone of productivity, collaboration, and effective document management. By implementing the strategies outlined in this guide, you can transform your SharePoint site into a seamless hub of information, empowering your teams to work smarter and achieve more.


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