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Help... I can't log into Citrix...

Today we are going to be answering some of our most frequently asked questions regarding Citrix and Virtual Desktop Environments.

But first… what is Citrix? 

Well... to be specific, Citrix is actually an American software company, but today we are going to look at their Virtual Desktop systems. 

Citrix is software that allows you to access a virtual machine from any device Similar to Amazon Workstations and Azure. Mac, PC, Linux, you name it, you can connect to Citrix from it. Citrix lets you to run applications on a remote computer, while interacting with applications on your local computer (application virtualization). It provides users with a more intuitive interface than that of remote desktop, and it balances user sessions through your terminal server services using what they call Virtual Delivery Agents (VDA). 

Why should you use Critix?

When you have so many devices you use for work, Citrix helps simplify and compact all of your data into one online system. Whether you’re working from home, the office, your laptop or even your mobile, Citrix allows you to have the same workspace experience across all platforms at all times. Having one universal workstation also removes the need for licenses covering several devices, significantly reducing your business costs. 

What to do when Citrix breaks?

It would be dishonest for us to tell you that all technology works one hundred per cent of the time. As with all technology, sometimes Citrix will have issues… Programs might be freezing inside the system, you may have trouble launching the remote desktop, or your printers may not be recognised inside the remote desktop.

But, not to fret, because the majority of these situations have simple resolutions. Logging out and back into your remote desktop will allow you to reset your session, which typically resolves internal issues. You can also try checking that the printer you are trying to connect to is set as default on the main desktop. This forces it to appear inside of Citrix and resolve any issues when trying to locate a printer.

"What do I do when my Citrix password expires?"

Probably our most asked question regarding Citrix is what to do when your password has expired. When this happens and it is prompting your for a new password, it must NOT be a password you have used before otherwise it will lock you out. If you do happen to get locked out of Citrix because your new and old passwords aren’t working, don’t panic, because we can get you logged in using a temporary password then walk you though creating a new, secure password.

If none of these Citrix quick fixes resolve your problems, give us a call so that our friendly support team can remotely solve these challenges.

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