Teams Calling is a feature within Microsoft Teams that can manage voice and video communication. This allows you to make and answer calls from any device that supports Teams, commonly computers and phones. 

Breakdown of Teams Calling 

But… you’re already calling people on Teams? Yes, but those calls are only going to other people who are using Teams. Teams Calling means you can reach people outside of Teams. How? On Teams Calling you’ll have a phone number, and you can call other numbers regardless of whether they have a Microsoft account, just like on a traditional SIM. There is no need to ask an end-user to install Teams or switch to another platform such as a personal mobile or Zoom just to take a call.

Additional features of Teams Calling versus a traditional phone

Music on hold

Call forwarding

Call transferring

Group calls

Simultaneous ringing

While these may be considered ‘non-essential’ features, they can help bring a sense of professionalism to your business.

Teams Calling benefits both the caller and the receiver. If you are a business that makes a lot of calls, works within professional services, and is quite customer-facing, then it is likely Teams Calling would benefit your team and your workflow.

If you are still considering if Teams Calling is right for your business, then please contact us here.