Using a whiteboard in group meetings is a popular method of communication and collaboration. Who doesn’t love a good whiteboard session? Brainstorming, diagrams, images, perhaps a round of celebrity heads?


In a growing remote culture, Microsoft offers a virtual alternative to meetings in the boardroom: Microsoft Whiteboard. Microsoft Whiteboard is a hybrid, multi-function digital canvas used for collaboration to help increase productivity in team meetings. 

Microsoft Whiteboard is available on all Windows 10/11, Mac iOS 9 or later and most mobile devices.

Microsoft Whiteboard includes an Infinite canvas, internal and external sharing for collaboration, retention of the whiteboard and exporting of the finished whiteboard. These features are available for all Microsoft customers both online and inside the Teams app. During Microsoft Teams meetings the whiteboard can be shared with all members of the meeting through the Share Content option.


Whiteboard includes a variety of pens, drawing tools, image importing, note-taking options and more. The presenter can use these features with their colleagues or other invitees to brainstorm, create diagrams or sketch out ideas for projects. 


With the collaborative sharing option, the presenter can invite other members of the meeting to make changes and work on the meeting together.

Microsoft whiteboard also retains the work made while using the app. This allows members of the meeting to view the whiteboard afterwards or make any required changes. Your whiteboard can also be exported and shared with staff that may have been unavailable to join the meeting. Sharing links can be created by the host and can either be in view-only mode or collaborator mode. Collaborator mode allows users to edit the whiteboard without requiring the user to be internal.


Microsoft Whiteboard creates a new way for businesses and clients to interact and brainstorm new ideas during team meetings. In todays ever-evolving virtual environment, this is more critical than ever. Understanding and implementing the options available can increase productivity and interaction in virtual working environments.

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