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Integration Services

Being asked to reduce costs whilst still adding value to the business is no easy task. Myrtec aim to leverage technology to deliver both short- and long-term cost reductions for your business. Whether managing all of your IT resources, or helping your business implement strategies such as consolidation or virtualisation, Myrtec can help your business gain the maximum value from your technical resources.

Outsourcing & Managed Services

The outsourcing of IT management and maintenance allows businesses to focus on their clients and core business activities. By outsourcing IT functions to an external specialist, human resources can be redistributed into the areas where they are needed the most. Either the entire IT function or select components can be outsourced. This is particularly useful for businesses experiencing an internal shortfall in IT expertise, either through staff leave arrangements or retention and training issues.

Myrtec offer managed IT support agreements that include unlimited support and guaranteed response times with the convenience of fixed monthly costs and flexible length contracts. These support services are preventative rather than reactive and include scheduled maintenance tasks to ensure systems are kept running and any disruptions are minimised.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an innovative IT delivery model that effectively reduces costs and complexity while increasing flexibility and service delivery. Rather than using physical servers, cloud computing uses Internet servers which businesses ‘rent’ from third party providers on a pay-as-you-go basis (similar to an electricity grid). This reduces capital expenditure and gives businesses greater predictability and control over their IT costs.

Cloud computing falls into a number of categories:

  • Public cloud where all services run from the Internet
  • Private cloud where a cloud environment is hosted inside an organisation
  • Hybrid cloud which involes a combination of public and private clouds

Cloud computing supports massive scalability in order to meet periods of demand while avoiding extended periods of under-utilized IT capacity. It is used increasingly for short projects, major events with high variability, application migration, hosted email or hosted backups.

Consolidation & Virtualisation

IT consolidation enables businesses to streamline their IT infrastructure and increase operational efficiency. Consolidation improves the overall efficiency of IT infrastructure by increasing hardware utilisation and decreasing the number of physical servers required. This reduces both initial acquisition costs and longer term expenses, such as energy consumption.

The virtualisation of storage, servers and networks also presents an opportunity for businesses to reduce their IT expenditure. Virtualisation reduces server hardware, energy costs and the physical space required to store IT equipment, offering a quicker ROI from capital investments. IT maintenance and management costs are also reduced as processes can be automated and less physical hardware is used.