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Virtual desktop is about running virtual machines in one centralized station, rather than in individual desktop at client device level. This allow users to get quick and easy access of their applications and data from almost any remote device, anytime, anywhere.

Myrtec’s Cloud Platforms provides the flexibility to manage cloud services, particularly Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform with best possible solutions. These cloud platforms are growing in popularity, as more and more businesses embrace virtual desktops for their enterprise.

The solutions cloud platforms provides optimized business architecture, save in cost, and provide customized solutions.

With a hosted desktop, companies can free up their IT resources and boost the more critical aspects of their business operations, such as putting emphasis on business architecture. However, transferring all existing applications to cloud can be a hassle. Unless you optimize your existing applications for the cloud, they can end up counterproductive for you, as they may cost more and/or run poorly. This is where Myrtec’s cloud platform can be very good at; it designed business architecture with optimized solution, improve productivity and flexibility and simplify desktop management.

Our partnership with Amazon Web Service and Google Cloud Platform gives us the best solutions and support to deliver unmatched cloud platform with the best security compliance and control and management of servers.

Myrtec solution is fully customizable to your business needs. Our IT personnel will work together with you and your technical team to come up with the best solution and make the best cloud platform and support for your business.