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The continued evolution of inking in Office—your digital pen is even more powerful

2016 is a big year for inking in Office and Windows. It’s already easy to simply pick up your pen and write in Office apps. Mircosoft has also expanded what’s possible once your digital ink is on the page with Shape Recognition and handwritten equation conversion. Now, Office is helping you learn more easily, follow inking in action, and get more creative with three new inking capabilities:

  • Ink math assistant in OneNote—When you handwrite an equation, OneNote can not only convert it to text, but also now teach you the steps to solve it. This intelligent assistance makes OneNote your math coach and pairs nicely with Editor, the recently announced intelligent writing assistant in Word. Together, they make Office an even better partner to help you achieve more in your learning journey.
  • Replay inking in Office apps—To understand what’s behind the ink you see on a page, use new ink rewind and replay capabilities. Follow a sequence of handwritten notes and drawings, review step-by-step instructions, or see the order in which somebody else marked up the document.
  • New ink effects in OneNote—Get even more creative with ink effects in OneNote. Inspired by feedback from students, the new rainbow, galaxy, gold and silver ink options help your inking pop off the page and make learning in OneNote even more engaging.

Learn more about the power of Office and OneNote ink. Download the latest version of OneNote to start using the ink math assistant, ink replay and ink effects. Read about other updates to OneNote announced today.