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Still Better Together: Juniper Networks QFX5100 switches certified with VMware NSX

It’s no secret that cloud computing is key to remaining competitive in today’s rapidly changing networking landscape. But, many organizations often overlook new network connectivity tools that are critical to capitalizing on all of the benefits offered by the cloud. The work between Juniper Networks and VMware is continuing to deliver exceptional results with our certified industry-leading QFX5100 switch line and VMware’s NSX solution, a network virtualization platform.

Joint customers to continue leveraging Juniper and VMware solutions to make their networks more efficient and productive. In addition to the QFX5100 switch series, organizations can also benefit from the following:

  • Juniper Networks® MX Series, EX9200, and QFX10000 Series can act as a Universal SDN Gateway (USG), by implementing not only a layer two bridge, but also a routing gateway for VMWare’s NSX VXLAN overlays.
  • Junos® Space Network Director works with VMware's vCenter (part of vSphere) and NSX to tie together network and VM visibility for both physical and virtual as an overlay and underlay.
  • Network Director deployed with a Juniper plug-in for VMware vRealize Operations will give the server infrastructure operations team visibility into the network status and troubleshooting in the single pane of glass VMware GUI.