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Office 365 to finally be available from partners

Office 365

Microsoft have finally re-announced that they will open up Office 365 to be purchased directly from the Microsoft Online Portal in Australia on the 29th of August 2014.

Customers with 250 users or less that want Office 365 wit monthly billing will be able to buy directly via the Microsoft Online Portal or via a Microsoft Authorised Reseller rather than having to purchase via Telstra T-Suite. Due to the complexities of the Microsoft licenses, dependancies and system requirements it is recommend to consult or work with a partner during the process.

Office 365 was original intended to be available direct from partners via the Portal on the 2nd of April 2014, but was delayed with Microsoft saying more work had to be done to make the purchasing experience seamless and smooth. Microsoft then issued anther apology in June further delaying the availability of the portal in Australia.

Please contact Myrtec if you would like assistance to migrate your Office 365 licenses away from Telstra or the Open Licensing scheme.