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New Lenovo LanSchool Classroom Management Software Enhances Classroom Collaboration

Celebrating over 30 years developing classroom management software and powering 1.5 million education devices, Lenovo Software’s LanSchool v8.0 builds on that knowledge and experience to keep teachers and students involved and protected. Expanded support for e-safety in the classroom provides teachers and administrators with customizable alerts and snapshots of “banned words” and phrases so that an adult will know when any student is engaging in inappropriate behavior using their device. Enhanced capacity, screen capture alerts and instant reporting help protect students from online dangers and can monitor any problems students are expressing.
“Technology in the classroom creates additional opportunities as well as challenges for teachers and students. LanSchool helps to provide a collaborative and interactive environment, free from distractions, where children can learn and schools get the greatest return from their technology investment,” said Rick German, executive director, Lenovo Software Development.

Pricing and Availability
LanSchool v8.0 is free to all existing customers with a current upgrade license. Customers using previous versions of LanSchool without upgrade protection can receive the new version at preferred pricing. To get your copy of LanSchool v8.0, please contact your sales representative, email, or call 888-473-9485 [U.S. and Canada] and 860-819-3774 [International].