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Microsoft does not protect your Office 365 Data

You may be excused for thinking that Microsoft protects your Office 365 data, but you would be wrong.

Microsoft clearly states in section 1d of their services agreement that the customer is solely responsible for protecting your data in Office 365. Microsoft in fact only replicates the data across its data centers. Unfortunately, replication in the cloud only provides data availability (for example, you can still access your emails if a single data centre is down). It does not protect against data loss or provide point-in-time data archiving. With replication only, if a user accidentally deletes a mailbox or email, or a cybercriminal maliciously deletes your data, you may have lost that data forever. When a user deletes an item from their mailbox, it stays in the “deleted items” folder for only a short period of time before being completely removed.

With the scalability and amazing data protection capabilities of Acronis Backup Cloud by Myrtec you can easily back up all your mailbox and SharePoint data to ensure that there is complete protection of the Office 365 mailboxes and enjoy peace of mind knowing that the data is safe.

For more information please contact Myrtec.

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