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Lenovo crams 48TB of SSD storage on a board


Lenovo's upcoming storage board has multiple drives on it. They are developing an SSD storage board with a monstrous 48TB capacity, and the company plans to release it by mid 2017.

It is a collection of high-capacity SSDs which will provide an efficient way of cramming more SSD storage into computer slots, instead of using individual drives.

Lenovo is known more as a PC and mobile device maker than a storage company and they are developing the board in its research labs. The company is being helped by industry giants such as Seagate, Toshiba, NxGn Data, and Amphenol, part of a program called Project Spark.

There has been a growing demand for more storage in servers and flash arrays. SSD storage boards are for long-term storage or for cold storage, temporary storage where data is held until it is sent for processing.