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eG Innovations End-to-End Performance Management is now Citrix Ready and One-Click away to deploy

Citrix Ready has verified eG Innovations solutions as one of the preferred monitoring solutions for XenApp /XenDesktop in past, but now eG Innovations is just one click away from deployment with Citrix Ready Verified CLM Blueprint.

The biggest challenge Citrix admins face every day is ensuring a great end-user experience. When users complain, admins are forced to react—meaning they need to find the problem and fix it. But in the face of increasingly complex, virtualized service-delivery infrastructures, the historically ad hoc process required to simply identify the real cause of a slowdown — inside or outside of Citrix — eG Innovations is one of the most solid infrastructure monitoring tools to manage a modern Citrix infrastructure.

eG Enterprise’s breakthrough correlative-intelligence technology automates the identification of performance issues, instantly indicating where urgent problems originate and exactly what tiers and processes are being affected, anywhere in your infrastructure from hardware all the way down to the user’s running application or desktop.