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Android 7.0 Nougat brings more sweetness and security to work

Android 7.0 is officially here with plenty of Nougat goodness. Following five developer previews since March, Nougat improves on prior versions of Android with strengthened security features, improved management capabilities and increased user control that can boost productivity for your employees.

With the release of Nougat, Android’s security features can now be applied to work apps instead of the device itself, making it easier to use an Android phone or tablet while still maintaining a secure device. This also saves on the time and hassle of continuously entering lengthy, complex passcodes to access devices.

With Android Nougat, if your company uses VPN, your work network traffic data is better protected from the time a device boots up, thanks to the new always on VPN feature. Data won’t be traveling from a work phone or tablet over unsecured connections with this function, and there’s  nothing that your employees have to do to enable this extra security feature if your VPN client supports it.