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Amazon EC2 Container Service Supports Container Logging to Amazon CloudWatch Logs

Amazon EC2 Container Service (Amazon ECS) now supports container logging to Amazon CloudWatch Logs. You can use Amazon CloudWatch to monitor and troubleshoot your applications that run in containers. You can send each container’s log output to CloudWatch Logs and monitor these logs in near real-time.

CloudWatch Logs can be used to monitor your logs for specific phrases, values, or patterns. For example, you could set an alarm on the number of errors that occur in your system logs or view graphs of web request latencies from your application logs. You can view the original log data to see the source of the problem if needed. Log data can be stored and accessed for as long as you need using highly durable, low-cost storage so you don’t have to worry about filling up hard drives. Amazon CloudWatch Logs also integrates with Amazon Elasticsearch Service to enable you to perform powerful queries and analysis, e.g. filter by the container name or the ECS task ID.