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Amazon announces AWS Management Portal for vCenter

Amazon have made their new AWS Management Portal plugin available to users of VMWare vCenter. The plugin allows users to manage Amazon EC2 instances alongside their own VMWare virtual servers. It's designed to be easy to use for vCenter users, and is released free-of-charge other than the expected costs of running AWS services.

The plugin will allow users to manage their existing EC2 servers, launch new instances, create Amazon Virtual Private Clouds, and even migrate their VMWare machines to Amazon EC2, through the use of the VM Import/Export service. Any AWS implements that are created through the plugin interface will run seamlessly in users' AWS accounts, making it fully advantageous for hybrid cloud users to run the plugin. The plugin itself does not interfere with the functionality of other AWS tools, so it can be used harmlessly and synergistically in conjunction with them.

The AWS Management Portal offers support for Active Directory Single Sign-On, Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC) for permissions control, and resource tagging, all making it easier for businesses to grant and control access to internal users.