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Amazing business productivity through Office 365—Dynamics CRM integration

In a recent blog, Bob Stutz’s opening phrase was “Amaze your customers!” A lot of people share Bob’s enthusiasm since a lot of people, especially the ones involved in sales, will be amazed at how they can save time and sell a lot more by using seamless integration with Dynamics CRM Online and Office 365.

For the Office team, reinventing productivity is what they keep in mind and they are excited to start collaborating with their Dynamics CRM colleagues.

Aside from enhanced productivity, the CRM and Office 365 platforms will collaborate to provide all sales professionals the proper Office tools based on their preference.  Tools like Excel, Outlook, OneNote, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Skype, Word and Yammer.

So rather than talking about the new features, let’s take a quick tour.

Email integration with Dynamics CRM—using the new CRM App for Outlook, users will now be able to track incoming email and view contextual Dynamics CRM information about the sender, including sales activities, cases and opportunities. This add-in will also make it easier for users to create new CRM records directly from Outlook.

Email folder tracking—this is a new and instinctive way of tracking incoming email activities on any device that supports Exchange. Now you can track your email directly using any device.

Immersive Excel experience— you can now use Microsoft Excel Online to do a quick analysis right from Dynamics CRM Online, getting rid of the frustration, time and effort that’s needed to switch between apps. Salespeople can view the data in familiar Excel spreadsheets, perform what-if analysis and upload changes with one click, while maintaining the sales workflow.

Self-service analytics—Sales staff can effectively analyze the customer’s data using Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrated with Power BI. With the use of the new out-of-the-box connector and templates for Power BI, organizations can analyze different information like sales performance, drive pipeline goals, while preparing forecasts and efficiently manage account team activities.