Are you ready to level up your business and considering switching to a better IT provider?  Whether you’re looking to save money, take ownership or gain visibility- switching to a provider that focuses on their customers best interests will be your best move yet.

Feeling the inertia? We get it. There are two key reasons while people like to avoid switching Managed Service Providers:

Complication – Your provider is telling you that your technology systems are so complex no one else would be able to manage it (um, hello, IT is like a car – almost any mechanic could fix it). What they likely mean when they tell you it’s too complicated is that it’s too complicated for them. If your provider hadn’t been hosting your data in a private cloud you wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place. 

Comfortability – We get it. Your provider has likely been with your business since the beginning, and no one wants to have those sorts of difficult conversations. The good news is that if you find the right new provider they will deal with this for you, gathering your existing data and the like, hassle-free. 

But, change is critical for growth. And switching providers is surprisingly easy. To get you set up as a client in their Help Desk, your new provider will likely need the usernames and passwords for your: 

Server Administration

Network Router, Firewall and Switch

Third-Party Applications

Website Domain Registrar

Online and Cloud Applications

Website Hosting Account

Types of Remote Access Enabled

Network Diagram

Software and License Keys

Hardware Warranty Information

But, don’t let this list freak you out, because like we mentioned earlier, an adequate new provider will be able to help you gather this information. They will do this either by contacting your existing provider on your behalf or working through the data you have available to find it. Remember, this is an Engineers responsibility, so if you’ve chosen a competent provider, they will ask you to leave the task in their more-than-capable hands.


But what about business downtime? How much is your onboarding fee? How will employees adjust to a new provider?


At Myrtec, a typical customer cutover takes less than a day with no downtime. We have no onboarding fee. Once a new customer is set up in our Help Desk, all of their employees are given access to our Customer Only Portal where they can lodge a ticket online, send us an email or call and speak directly to an Engineer. 

Our Managed Services Agreements (FLEX Agreements) are designed to accommodate businesses with up to 200 employees. FLEX costs are broken into two parts: the small cost for the Myrtec Agent, which is used for proactive IT services and data collection, and then support fees based on consumption. We’ve progressed beyond lock ins and fixed fees, and introduced a scalable, hybrid, month-to-month approach so that you can have your IT, your way.

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