If you are already using Microsoft 365, then you’ll likely have heard of Microsoft Bookings – the scheduling app designed to simplify appointment management and save time.

How does it work?

Bookings can be used both internally and externally. It integrates with your Outlook calendar to list when you’re available for meetings with co-workers (internal) or customers (external). Say goodbye to being double booked!


Your team will have individual Bookings pages, and your business can have a general one too. This means that if you know someone who wants to book in with X person, you can send them the individuals’ bookings link. Or, if they want to book in with anyone or are only concerned about a specific time slot, you can send them through your general bookings page. 


You can customise booking requirements and appointment details so that customers aren’t completing fields that aren’t specific to your organisation. Need to know extra information so you can come to the meeting prepared? Make a description mandatory. 

Extra features:

Out for coffee? Set up travel buffer times so you can’t be booked within X minutes before or after a meeting while you’re moving between the site and the office. 

Fully integrated with your calendar, but your book-ees will also receive a confirmation email with a calendar invitation. There’s also an option here to reschedule and cancel, and it updates for everyone. 

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