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Myrtec Supports NFP's with Microsoft Simplified

At Myrtec, we're committed to helping Not-For-Profit Organisations go from ‘overwhelmed and defeated’ to ‘confident, compliant and organised.’

Introducing Microsoft Simplified.

Microsoft Simplified was designed to simplify management, communication and administration within NFP’s.

Registering for Microsoft Simplified means that you can help more people, in less time, while your technology systems operate quietly in the background. This means you can spend your time focusing on your core mission; to make a significant and positive contribution to your local community. 

Let’s determine if Microsoft Simplified is for you…

Are you a Director, Executive, Manager or Officer at an NFP?

Does your organisation employ less than 100 people?

Do you find fulfilment in contributing to positive change?

And lastly, are these the kind of problems you’re facing?

  • Your employees are starting to lose their passion and team spirit – maybe working remotely during the pandemic caused them a lot of dissatisfaction that hasn’t gone away, or they are feeling frustrated from technology that repeatedly causes them confusion. 
  • You spend a lot on Office 365 licenses despite only using a few core applications – in the past 10 years, not much has changed in the way your using Word, Excel and Outlook. 
  • You frequently struggle with internal communications – you find yourself constantly repeating yourself, via both in-person and online conversations. 
  • You spend way too much time searching for documents – likely because they are stored across different devices and document management systems (OneDrive, SharePoint, Google Drive and who knows where else). 
  • Your employees waste a lot of time double-handling data – whether they are using too many spreadsheets and software applications, which you find leaves a lot of room for mistakes.
  • You are unsure how to be compliant with financial reporting obligation changes - do you know if you need to submit an audited financial report?

If you’re screaming ‘that’s me!’ right now, then chances are that you are your team and wasting hundreds of hours a year on administration, unnecessary communication and repeating tasks. 

This is the reality for many businesses, especially those within the not-for-profit sector. However, we want to assure you that this is not your fault, and the most likely reason that this has happened is because your top priority has been to drive positive change. 

But because our priority is to get your systems to run smoothly in the background, your focus can be on continuing to help more people, in less time. 

We understand that you may have hesitations to try something like this. These are the likely reasons why:

  • Budget - with such little funding, you have to be cautious about how you spend it. We get it, IT services can be expensive. And while you may have been promised 24/7 support in the past, what often has been delivered is a business process that is confusing, frustrating, time-consuming, and overall, very costly. 
  • Confidence - modern technologies can be overwhelming, especially for employees in non-profit organisations who have not been subject to technology-related training or even change, in quite some time. 
  • Strategy - most businesses in the NFP sector do not have a strategic plan put together for their use of technology. They have simply been getting by day-by-day. But if you do not control your technology, it will control of you. Digital strategies can be tailored to meet the needs of everyone in your organisation. 

What you already have is a great team in place; who share a purpose and are ready to offer your invaluable services to your local community. We are your missing piece. Are you ready to make your difference go further?

So what actually is Microsoft Simplfied…?

Maximising Microsoft is a digital transformation strategy, using Office 365, designed exclusively for NFP’s. 

Our goal was to create a solution that would simplify the day-to-day operations of the dedicated workers who are silently making a huge difference all over Australia. 

So, we’ve done just that. Here’s how Microsoft Simplified works:

  • 1. Discovery- Meet with one of our technical experts who will take the time to understand where your business is at right now, how you operate and what your goals are. We will work very closely together to create a strategy that moves you to a simpler, and more collaborative, way of working. 
  • 2. Design- To make Office 365 work for your team, it needs to align with the goals that we found in the discovery process. We will work with you to decide the most efficient way to organise your teams, files and email accounts. From here, we can set different permissions to determine exactly who is able to access what. 
  • 3. Data migration- We will migrate all of your data into Office 365. This will involve archiving old records and organising your folders. We assume responsibility for ensuring that all of your devices are prepared for these updates and that your staff only experience minimal disruption during this period. Now, your cloud workspace is ready to use.
  • 4. Development- We understand that the transition to a new workspace may be overwhelming for some, but fear not because our resident training specialists will provide your entire team with an education workshop, onsite, to ensure that they understand how to effectively use and manage your new Office 365 interface. This will give them the opportunity to ask as many questions they like and from here, you will have ongoing access to our Help Desk for support. 

Now you know what it does, here’s what Microsoft Simplified will not do:

  • Require you to procure new software and additional licenses,
  • Have you migrate your data and leave you to organise it,
  • Offer to consult, with no hands-on support,
  • Require you to move onto a Managed Service agreement with us.

Additionally, Microsoft Simplified is not right for you if:

  • You are a freelancer or contractor
  • Your business employs more than 100 staff
  • You work in a Government agency or department 

Microsoft Simplified is simply a one-stop-tech-opp for NFP’s looking to be more productive and simplify their operations, so that they can direct their energy towards serving their community.

So how much does this journey cost?

The total fee is variable dependent on the size of your team and the amount of data you have stored. After your free consultation, we can outline a fixed-fee cost, meaning you won't be subjected to hidden fees throughout the project.

But who are we… and why should you trust us?

Myrtec is an Australian IT services provider that has been operating Australia wide since 2009. We have extensive experience in delivering IT systems and services, as well as supporting business technology; both on-premises and in the cloud. We understand what businesses need from their IT systems: protection, reliability, scalability and affordability. 

Since we began operating, we have supported many businesses and trained hundreds of individuals on how to leverage Office 365. We have been a Microsoft Partner for more than 10 years, which means that we have the privilege of accessing their inside channel and network of technical specialists. 

We have clients from the Not-for-Profit, NDIS, Disability Employment, Training, Legal and Staffing sectors just to name a few.

Microsoft Simplified has been developed with the insight we’ve gained from our strong network and refined through our combined 30 years of practical experience working with SMB’s across Australia. 

To tap into our experience, network and knowledge, contact us for your no-obligation, no-cost consult today by filling in the 'Request More Information' tab to the right of this page today.