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Buying home PCs - Business or Consumer?

When looking at buying a new personal computer (PC) for your home, there’s generally two different types to choose from: a consumer PC, or a business PC. This guide will explain the difference between them and which one would be the best depending on your needs.
How do I decide?
The intended use of the PC will help determine which type of computer will suit you best. If it’s for work and will be in your home office, then a business PC is the way to go. If it’s just for general use (especially if you have children) then a consumer PC would be a better option. Realistically, the intended use will be somewhere in between these two and you’ll need to decide which features are important to you, which are explained below in more detail, and how much you’d like to spend.
Business PCs
Business PCs are sourced directly through wholesale hardware vendors and are focused towards providing the type of device that meets business needs. This includes things like fingerprint scanners for security, next business day onsite warranty support options, higher class of software versions which include some business applications including remote desktop software, encryption tools, professional grade operating system software, etc.
Business PCs are generally more expensive than consumer PCs because they are built to be more reliable and durable using components of a higher quality and more thorough testing. This includes larger and better quality screens, full sized keyboards and high quality track pads (for laptops), etc.
Additionally, if something does go wrong, the level of service and warranty support is higher than with consumer PCs. For example, your warranty calls are placed directly with the vendor (HP, Lenovo, etc) and can include next business day onsite replacement and repairs coverage for 3 to 5 years to get you up and running as quickly as possible.
Consumer PCs
Consumer PCs are the type you find at Harvey Norman, JB Hi-fi, etc. and are designed for general family use, everything from surfing the internet to watching movies to computer gaming. They include more stylish physical features including various shapes/colours/designs which are more suitable to be used in living rooms/etc rather than an office.
They are usually cheaper than Business PCs as they contain more mainstream hardware and often lower grade operating system software to save on costs but are bundled with a larger amount of pre-loaded software. They are also sold at a much wider variety of stores which increases availability and are often sold with bonus extras.
Consumer PCs can include options like larger hard drives for media storage, more powerful graphics cards for better performance in computer games and usually come with 1 year warranty which require you to ship the device back to the reseller or an authorised repairer.
Ultimately, the choice will depend on your situation but the main comparison with these two types of PCs is quality vs cost. Business PCs are higher quality than consumer PCs, but are more expensive.
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