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Outlook going offline when using the Google Apps Sync tool

There have been some issues experienced after Google released an update to the Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook (GASMO) tool in May/June 2013. This is causing outlook to go offline because the new tool needs authorisation to access the respective Google account.
The cause of issue is that in previous versions of the tool, users could authorise their profile by entering their username and password in the tool itself, but this method is now deprecated for improved security. Users setting up their profile will be redirected to a web page in which they'll be prompted to authorize the tool using OAuth, so the access can then be controlled in Account Settings. Myrtec recommends using the Chrome browser for access to emails in Google Apps instead of using outlook due to the additional features and performance improvements that are available but please review the following procedures if you want to continue using outlook. If you require IT support for Google Apps or outlook please contact the Myrtec service desk who can assist with resolution of the issue.
To resolve any outlook issues please complete the following:
  1. In Outlook, click on the SEND/RECEIVE tab and on the far right click the WORK OFFLINE button (to turn it off). This step is only required if outlook is already running offline (the work offline button will already be highlighted orange)
  2. When the sync tool tries to connect you should receive a popup prompt asking to sign in with the associated Google account. Make sure to click the remember me checkbox.
  3. It will then open up a web browser and you will need to sign into the Google account (if not already signed in) and authorise the tool to access the Google account via outlook.
  4. Once authorised the tool should reconnect as normal. Note you may need to repeat this process.
  5. Close and reopen outlook (with a 5 second delay in between) to verify that this has worked.
If you still experience issues please complete the following steps to reset any saved passwords and try again:
As far as the resolution for this issue here are the steps:
  1. Click in the 'start' button for windows, and then click in 'all programs.'
  2. Look for a folder call 'Google Sync.' Then click 'Delete saved passwords.'
  3. Then you will have to open Outlook and it should launch your preferred browser so you can accept the access of the tool.
  4. Don't forget to check the box "Remember me".
Please contact Myrtec if you are still experiencing problems after completing the above steps.