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Setup a VPN from a MAC to SBS 2011 for RDP

This process enables a MAC users to connect back into their desktop in a Small Business Server 2011 environment similar to the functionality provided to Windows users in the remote web workplace.

To enable the VPN the user needs to be given permission (on the server console) to connect remotely and added as a local admin on their PC or given remote desktop users permissions.


VPN setup

1. System preferences>Network

2. create a new connection (plus symbol) and a new configuration

server address: []

account name: [account\name]

encryption: auto

authentication settings: [users password]

3. tick "show vpn status in menu bar"


Remote Desktop Setup

MACs doesn't come with RDP installed so download and install CoRD ( which is free and open source

1. open CoRD once installed

2. create a new server (shows up in right menu) with following settings:

label: [ ]

address: [ ]

username: [username]

password: [user password] (tick save password)

domain: [ ]

screen size: full screen

3. close window to save.


Now the user can connect to the vpn using the shortcut in the menu bar and then open CoRD and double click the saved connection and access their PC.