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Reconnecting Outlook in LEAP Documents 2003

This process may be required after Windows Security updates or changes to LEAP occur.

  1. Exit Outlook on your computer
  2. If not already logged into LEAP Documents open the application and log in with your details
  3. From LEAP Documents go to the Utilities menu and select Staff Setup
  4. Double click on your username in the list
  5. Then select the Outlook tab and click Select Profile

  6. Select your profile from this list, this may be listed as your email address, your username or Outlook.
  7. (optional) If you do have multiple profiles listed you can verify your active profile by going to the control panel, selecting mail and clicking the show profiles option. Your active profile will generally be set under the Always use this profile option.
  8. Click Save and OK to save the settings. This will force the integration with Outlook to be updated. You can now open Outlook and verify that no errors are received.
  9. If you still receive errors in outlook please close outlook and word and perform a rebuild all in LEAP Documents.

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