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How To Scan Your Computer For A Virus

This article lists some of the common antivirus scanners that can be run on a computer when it may be infected with a virus. These scanners require administrative access on the computer and can be run alongside the the installed antivirus software.

If a computer becomes seriously infected with a virus it is recommended that a full wipe and reinstallation of the operating system is performed as no antivirus software can guarantee that a virus has been completely removed from a computer.

  1. McAfee Stinger
    • Download From:
    • And click on the Download this tool now option and then the DOWNLOAD NOW button at the bottom of the following page.
    • Once downloaded you can run the stinger application. There is a Browse button that you click on to choose the drive you want to scan. You can then click Browse again as many times as you need to select all the drives you want to scan.
    • Once you've got all your drives selected, click SCAN NOW. The scan may take an hour or more and will show you the results if it has found and/or quarantined anything.


  2. Microsoft Safety Scanner
    • Download From:
    • Click DOWNLOAD NOW at the top of the webpage and select either a 32-bit or 64-bit computer option. If you are unaware of what your computer is go to My Computer, right click and select properties, then scroll down to System Type
    • Once downloaded, run the application and choose a full scan. This scan may take a while (similar to Stinger).


  3. Malware Bytes Anti-Malware
    • Download From:
    • Towards the end of the installation you should tell it to update the virus database before opening for the first time - this will ensure you have the latest virus definitions installed. Once installed select the options to perform a full scan. If it asks you to start a full trial, select no.
    • Once the full scan is completed and any adware is removed (if found), uninstall the application through the programs section in your control panel.